recyclesymbolYou know, one of the most overlooked benefits of Resale is that we are 100% green!! That's right, 100%!  Tell me another industry that can claim that.  We do not manufacture anything that pollutes the air or water or earth. In fact, we re-use everything that comes into our possession. Whether it's the clothes you are selling at your Estate Sale or the furniture donated to a Charity Shop, it is all recycled.

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money signResale covers a broad spectrum of items. Actually, it covers everything that has been previously bought and/or used. For some it is the most basic of items.. the small thrift store or consignment store that takes in whatever comes their way. Then there are the high end Consignment Stores and Estate Sale Companies that deal with only curated, high quality items.

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resale1 Resale is defined as anything RE-sold, RE-purposed, RE-cycled, RE-used or RE-created!  And we applaud all the Estate Sale Companies, Consignment Stores, Charity Shops, Vintage Boutiques, Auctions Houses and Flea Markets and Antique Shows.  

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If you are an Estate Sale Company, you know the drill. You get a call from the client, the house has sold. The closing is in a few weeks and they need everything out of the house. Now that we have a definite 'move out by' date we can begin our planning. 

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Like we’ve said before, as Estate/Tag sale professionals, we want to share our years of experience with you so you too can “sell like the pro’s”. All of our tips and suggestions come from our own experience in hosting these sales. We’ve cut our teeth on everything from a 15,000sf ocean-front mansion in the Hamptons to closing down multiple houses on one property and liquidating a restaurant with 60 years of accumulation.

So helping you in everyway we can organize an individual house for your own sale is a piece of cake. Our goal…is for your sale to generate lots of money while you have a good time doing it! Sound great? Let’s get started.

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 If possible do this at least the day before unless it’s outdoors and as weather permits.There’re a lot of details to organize so get a jump on it and it will be less stressful and you’ll have a ball wheelin’ n dealin’ the day of the sale instead of waiting until the last minute and freaking out. Buyers will be ready so so should you.

  1. Have plenty of tables for the small items. Don’t leave things in boxes, as most buyers will not dig through boxes full of unrelated items.
  2. Group items of similar kind together. For example: someone looking for dishes will buy more if ALL the choices are in one area.
  3. Price as much as humanly possible. Get bright sticky dots if you can that are easy to see on each item. Some think it’s not so important to price everything but we disagree. Buyers will commit to buying something when they have a general idea of price. You can haggle when they want to check out.
  4. If doing an indoor tag sale, no need to move furniture unless you want to contain shoppers in a certain part of the house. Otherwise, price it with bigger post-it notes and let folks see it in the room it lived in.
  5. Clothes sell 10x’s better if you can hang them on racks. If none available, try to leave them in the closet (again for indoor tag sales). Putting up a clothesline or hanging a rope up somewhere in the yard works too. Never lay them on the ground unless you just don’t care if they sell which is what it says when they are left there. Placing a large mirror near the clothes makes sales go way up! Wouldn’t you like to see if something looked good before you buy it? If there was a place to try on …even better!!
  6. If indoors, block off bathrooms unless you’re ok with anyone using them. And they will. Put any informational signs up. For example; “more upstairs” or “basement full of great deals” or “please keep path clear”. All this makes navigating a crowd in unfamiliar territory more relaxed and makes buyers hang out longer and shop more.


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We cannot stressenough how important your signs are!!! Use the traffic in yourarea to pick up additional buyers after the first morning rush that comes from your ads in Your buyers are usually two-fold; those that plot their route the day before to hit the “good” ones early       (and with your ad in and the buyers being able to preview your sale, you will be one of the good ones :) and those buyers that drift in as the day progresses, usually from your street signs. People really appreciate direction when coming to a strange house or neighborhood, which makes them more comfortable and ready to shop instead of getting frustrated early on.

  1. Make BIG signs on bright colored foam board or sturdy poster board. They need to last all day and not roll up with moisture or fade in sunlight.
  2. Letter CLEARLY with fat magic markers or other large tip pens. Printing is best! Imagine reading the info from a moving car! Put ONLY relevant info; heading (like moving sale etc) address, date/time & BOLD arrows pointing in the right direction.
  3. If possible, place signs at intersections facing oncoming traffic. Then lead buyers to your house by placing extra signs at corners/cross streets all the way to your driveway. Last one should be at the house with any info needed about parking in driveway, any street parking restrictions & keeping certain areas clear for buyers picking up the bigger items they purchase. ALL these helpful bits can be posted in your ad too!
  4. TAKE YOUR SIGNS DOWN AFTER THE SALE CLOSES! Be respectful of the neighborhood and environment.
  5. Remember you are running an event!!!


Determine how many helpers you will need. Both for security and to take in all the cash you’re going to make. A lot depends on indoor or outdoor sales. Indoor you need coverage on all floors; basement, garage, second floor, multiple rooms on first floor. If you are having a central cashier, place them at the exit and have only one exit!

  1. Have plenty of bags, boxes for heavy dishes etc and wrapping paper. No one comes with their own supplies and wrapping breakables makes a happy buyer and one that will buy more because transporting it is way easier. We find bagging items and tying it shut with brightly colored ribbon means we know at a glance they paid and can walk around and shop more.
  2. Make sure you have lots of small bills for all the workers taking money. Everyone hits the ATM and gets $20’s to spend so you could end up running out and losing business.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT – have all workers wear something to identify them from the mobs!!! We use red aprons for everyone! Some pro’s have their staff in matching tee shirts and it makes a world of difference when buyers ready to pay or wanting to make offers have no idea who’s in charge. That frustration of not finding who to talk to can turn buyers off and out the door, money in their pockets.
  4. If indoors, make sure your home smells inviting and have some music in the background when doing an indoor sale. Really makes buyers feel welcome and again, the point is for them to relax and shop! Music at a tag sale is fun and lifts the mood too. We’ve noticed shoppers dancing and singing while looking for treasures, so it can’t hurt.

Remember…have fun!!! You’re selling stuff you no longer want or need so let it go! No matter what, you’re going to make money so the more offers you accept (within reason of course) the less you have to put away at the end of the day. Our goal is to put nothing back!   We sincerely hope some of this helps you have totally profitable sales and feel free to add your own success stories to We believe in passing it on and paying it forward…happy selling!!!!

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