resale1 Resale is defined as anything RE-sold, RE-purposed, RE-cycled, RE-used or RE-created!  And we applaud all the Estate Sale Companies, Consignment Stores, Charity Shops, Vintage Boutiques, Auctions Houses and Flea Markets and Antique Shows.  


Enter Resale Revolution…the ONLY website dedicated to “all things resale.” When you think of buying someone’s previously owned goods, first off, you realize what incredible savings you’re getting.resale2                         Secondly, you’re aware of what a positive impact that has on the environment by not adding to the massive waste.   Then there’s the aspect of finding treasures that are no longer being made and are thereby scarce. Resale is unique in its very nature.


Who doesn’t love saving money, being mindful of our planet & living outside the box? OK, not everyone…. but those of you that get excited by the hunt, thrilled when THE item long searched for appears AND you paid fairly for it, know what I’m talking about.


Now here’s what’s truly amazing about this comprehensive website. Resale Revolution is the COMPLETE resource for anything your heart desires as a fan of buying/selling/ second-hand goods. As business owners in this diverse world of resale, you can gain unlimited exposure being a part of this community!

resale3We want to provide a forum, a voice, a network, a connection to one another and our followers. We believe together we are a much stronger economic force!


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